Chinese poet Jidi Majia invited by the 28th Prague Writers' Festival, and the discussion about poem and literature with Poet Li Li was at 14:00 of 6th October in Hlavní sál Senátu PČR, discussion with Abolghasem Esmailpour (Writer from Írán) & Cletus Nelson Nwadike (Writer from Sweden) taken at 17:00 NG Anežský klášter.

Mrs. Galina Vaněčková guided Mr. Liu Wenfei, Mrs. Chen Fang and other readers to Černolice, Všenory that Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva lived, and the small museum of Tsvetaeva, they shared stories and their study experiences.

Su Tong & Ouyang Jianghe share their oppinions about Chinese literature, relations between society and literature, reading classic in Charles University.