The writers' residence located in top floor of this building
The writers' residence located in top floor of this building
View from the window of the Writers' Residence
View from the window of the Writers' Residence

The Writers' Residence Prague is located in Prague 2, near the Charles square, 1 km from Wenceslas Square,1.5 km from the Old town square, and 1.5 km from Charles Bridge, approx.. 600m from the river. There is green park in front of the residence, and typical beer restaurants, supermarkets and other living facilities. The residence is in a New Art style building with the Prague castle view. A famous writer Karolina Světlá lived in this building, she was a Czech female author of the 19th century. She was a representative of the literary May School. "May school" originates from the Karel Hynek Mácha's poem "May", Mácha's genius was discovered and glorified much later by the poets and novelists of the 1850s (e.g., Jan Neruda, Vítězslav Hálek, and Karolina Světlá) and "Máj" is now regarded as the classic work of Czech Romanticism and it is considered one of the best Czech poems ever written.It contains forebodings of many of the tendencies of 20th-century literature: existentialism, alienation, isolation, surrealism, and so on. The neighbor house of the Residence was the place where Mácha wrote his "May".

The Residence is about 110 m2 large with 1 big living room and 1 bedroom. Besides of the living facilities, there are prepared Chinese versions of the Czech writer's books for reading.

Prague Writers' Residence

Prague Writers' Residence is a writer's residence project of ICA z.s., which aims to invite writers, poets, artist and cultural scholars with creative strength to experience life, creation and research in Prague.

布拉格作家居住地,是国际文化交流协会(ICA z.s.)的作家居住项目,旨在邀请具有创作实力的作家、诗人、艺术、文化学者,在布拉格体验生存、进行创作和研究。

October Writers' Residence • Prague

October Writers' Residence • Prague is the first Writers' Residence Prague Project co-organized with Beijing Publishing Group "October" literature magazine.

It aims to invite Chinese creative writers, poets, translators and artists to experience the life of Prague, to experience the literary traditions of Prague, especially the cross-cultural atmosphere accumulated over centuries, which is the source of thought and creation.

It is a platform for international exchange of literature and art.

The joint project called as "October Writers' Residence • Prague".




"十月作家居住地•布拉格"项目,由国际文化交流协会(ICA z.s.)在布拉格历史中心城区提供一处居所,《十月》品牌单位资助从中国到布拉格的往返交通费用,双方共同协商邀请作家前往布拉格独立体验居住,居住作家在居住期间自由安排,包括可能发生的旅行,但在布拉格居住地的住留时间不得少于总期间的四分之三。作家居住期间将举办或作为主要参与者参与二次(或以上)文学交流活动。